Distributed Generation

Renewable Energy System Owners

Kittitas PUD allows interconnection of power generating systems to the District distribution system appropriately named Distributed Generation. These systems can generate power from a variety of sources, including wind, solar energy, biogas, full cells and water. Systems approved for interconnection are Net-metered which allows electricity generated by the customer-owned systems to offset the electricity consumed. In April of 2019, the Washington state legislature passed a new bill Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill 5223 (E2SSB 5223) affecting both the rate for Net-metering and the amount of Net-metering the utility must allow.  As a result, the Kittitas PUD is reviewing our current Distributed Generation Rates and obtaining clarification from Washington State regarding the new Net-metering law. (Please check back soon for updates)

For current Distributed Generation customers certified with the Renewable Energy System Incentive Program:
A new renewable energy incentive program for citizens and businesses of Washington passed the Washington State Legislature and was signed into law by the Governor in July 2017. The Washington State University Energy Program began administering the new incentive program on October 1, 2017. As of June 2019, the statewide program has reached the capacity of state funding. Kittitas PUD is proud that, due to a large response from our customers in support of renewable energy, we reached our funding limit as of July 2018 (one of the first utilities in the state to do so). At this time, Kittitas PUD continues to accept applications for the installation of distributed generation systems, new customers are not included in the Renewable Energy System Incentive Program.
Kittitas PUD acts as a liaison between renewable energy customers and Washington State University (WSU) to compile production data and issue annual rebate checks based on WSU's calculations. The program is otherwise administered by WSU. If you have questions about the program, please visit the Renewable Energy System Incentive Program website at http://www.energy.wsu.edu/RenewableEnergySystemIncentiveProgram.aspx.
Annually in July, each certified customer must obtain a read from the customer-owned production meter and submit the incentive rebate from to the Kittitas PUD. Production data is compiled and submitted to WSU for calculation. Once this process has been completed by WSU, Kittitas PUD will be able to issue rebate checks. The expected date for completion of this process is December 31, 2019 but we will be finalizing our portion of the process promptly. Please be award that we cannot guarantee that checks will be issued before December 31, 2019.

Customers can apply by completing the application (PDF) and send in.
Distributed Generation application checklist (PDF)
Distributed Generation Application (PDF)
Power Purchase and Interconnection Agreement (PDF)

Distributed Generation Rates

Commercial Net - Single Phase (Schedule 2004) (PDF)
This schedule is limited to single phase customers with a generating facility, or a hybrid system of one or more types, with a total rated capacity of not more than 25 kilowatts. Click link to learn more.

Residential Net - Single Phase (Schedule 2001) (PDF)
This schedule is limited to single phase customers with a generating facility, or a hybrid system of one or more types, with a total rated capacity of not more than 25 kilowatts. Click to learn more.

Commercial Net - Three Phase (Schedule 2002) (PDF) 
These small generators may be connected separately and independently from an existing customer load. Click link to learn more.