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Inter-Connection of Alternative Power Generation Application

  1. Type of Net Meter Installation (Choose only one):

  2. Please include contact name and phone number.

  3. (Qty of Panels x Nominal Rating)

  4. Type of Array:

  5. Rated Power Output x Qty of Inverters x Peak Power Output)

  6. UL 1741 Listed:

  7. IEEE 1547 Compliant:

  8. Estimated average wind speed at Location (if known) in mph

  9. Please state rated power output in watts and at what mph wind speed.

  10. UL 1741 Listed:

  11. IEEE 1547 Compliant:

  12. Describe if applicable.

  13. Connection Fees (payable when the application is submitted for approval): *

    A $250.00 application fee must accompany your application before it can be considered. Payment options include debit/credit cards, cash or check. Your payment can be mailed or phoned in

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