Board of Commissioners

The county is divided into 3 commissioner districts, each having approximately equal population and geographic size. The district is administered by a 3 member Board of Commissioners (the "Commission"). The 3 commissioners reside on the board and each represent a certain area of Kittitas County.

Terms of Commissioners

Our Board of Commissioners, comprised of local citizens elected on a non-partisan basis, set policy for this utility. The Commissioners are elected for 6 year terms and the terms are staggered so that members of the Board are elected every 2 years.

One member is elected from each of the 3 commissioner districts every 2 years to serve for a term of 6 years.

Responsibilities & Duties

Under the guidance of these elected commissioners, the district continues to deliver affordable, dependable electricity to our rural and urban areas. The commission establishes policy, approves plans, budgets and expenditures, and reviews the district's operations. The legal responsibilities and powers of the district, including the establishment of rates and charges for services rendered, are exercised through the commission.

Meet our Commissioners

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