Landlord Service Agreement

Landlord service agreements are designed to assist rental property owners to efficiently manage electric utility moves and changes for rental units.

To be eligible for these benefits, the property owner must complete a Landlord Service Agreement.  You may request the agreement from the office during normal business hours.

Benefits of Landlord Service Agreement

  • Avoids interruption in services and automatically transfers service into landlord's name without service transfer fees upon a tenant’s termination request - which helps avoid disconnection of service at rental properties and reduces costs for landlords.
  • Notifies the landlord when a new tenant transfers into or out of the service.
  • Notifies the landlord prior to disconnection of service due to tenant non-payment and offers the opportunity to pay the balance and keep service connected.
  • Allows the landlord to verify account status - including account holders for billing responsibility, balance due and payment history.  As the property owner is financially responsible for utility services under RCW 35.21.290, this allows landlords to monitor their tenants' utility accounts.
  • Landlord Service Agreement can be updated as new properties are acquired, to continue benefits for all properties owned by the landlord.
  • Also allows landlords to authorize a property management company to receive utility information on the rental property.