Kittitas PUD Power Rates Increase
The Kittitas County Public Utility District Board Commissioners have adopted a 4% rate increase to power rates following the July 25th rate hearing. For a typical resident, the increase is about $7 per month. The rates are effective August 1st and would first be noticed in the September billing.

The rate increase is necessary to ensure the long-term sustainability of district operations and to meet the growing demands of a rapidly evolving energy landscape. Over the past several years, the utility district has faced numerous challenges, including rising operational costs, supply chain issues, increased after-hours outage restoration work, and repair of facilities damaged by wildfires.

The Kittitas County Public Utility District has not had a rate increase since October 2021, demonstrating our commitment to minimizing the financial impact on our customers. The district rates remain below the national and state averages for power costs. Additionally, want to emphasize that the district rate increase is below the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the region, ensuring that the adjustment remains reasonable and aligned with economic indicators.

The district remains dedicated to delivering safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible power to its customers. The rate increase will enable us to continue to make critical infrastructure improvements, upgrade aging equipment, and invest in advanced technologies that enhance the efficiency and resilience of our power grid.

“We understand the impact that any rate increase has on our customers, and we have made every effort to keep costs as low as possible while maintaining the level of service our community expects," said Matt Boast, General Manager of the Kittitas County Public Utility District. "This adjustment in power rates will allow us to continue to modernize our infrastructure and improve system reliability.”

The District is a publicly owned non-profit entity committed to providing safe, reliable, cost-based electric service to meet the needs of our community. The District operates and maintains over seven hundred and fifty miles of line, six substations and four distribution points of delivery across Kittitas County to serve over five thousand meters.

Rate Increase Information