Helping Hands Program

The Helping Hands program provides assistance to low-income customers in need through voluntary contributions from Kittitas PUD customers and employees.  Contributions are distributed to eligible customers through our partnership with HopeSource.  Helping Hands donations are 100% tax deductible.  If you have further questions regarding the Helping Hands program, please contact the office during regular business hours. 

You can contribute to this program at any time, and in a variety of ways.  To begin contributing, contact the office during normal business hours, complete enrollment on the back of your monthly payment coupon, complete and submit the online Helping Hands Donation Form, or login to your account and enroll through the Customer Service, Maintenance menu. 

The available contribution options are:

  • Monthly flat amount contribution
  • Monthly round up contribution
  • One time flat amount contribution

In accordance with RCW 54.52.010 all funds contributed to the Helping Hands Program will be transferred to HopeSource for dispersal.  Only customers who apply and qualify through HopeSource are eligible for these funds.  If you are interested in finding out if you qualify to receive Helping Hands assistance, please contact HopeSource directly.