Customer and District Property

Kittitas PUD's Customer Service Policy states that it shall be the customer's responsibility to provide suitable protective equipment, such as fuses, circuit breakers and relays to adequately protect equipment. If three-phase equipment is used, it shall be the customer's responsibility to protect it against single phasing and under- or over-voltage.

The District will take all reasonable precautions to prevent single phasing or abnormal voltage variation, but cannot guarantee that such conditions may not occur due to circumstances beyond its control.

The District reserves the right to refuse or discontinue service to customer's equipment or wiring where such equipment is in a hazardous condition, or not in conformance with lawful codes. The customer shall be solely responsible for the maintenance and safety of wiring and equipment, and the District shall not in any way be liable for accidents or damages occurring to the customer or third parties because of contact with, or failure of, any portion of the customer's installation.

Customer's electrical equipment (meter bases, CT enclosures, etc.) must be in a location accessible by District personnel for maintenance, testing, removal and replacement of said equipment. District employees shall have proper identification to prove they are authorized employees who may enter such premises whether indoors or outdoors. (Per WAC 480-100-168 and 400-100-308)

Kittitas PUD cannot be held responsible for things that happen beyond our control.  While we have one of the most reliable power systems, we cannot guarantee there will never be power outages. If you believe you have been damaged through our negligence, either complete our online claim form or complete our claim for damages form (PDF).