Meter Access

By law (WAC 480-100-168), if the PUD provides electrical service to you, the utility has the right to enter your property to read and/or maintain its metering equipment - even without your permission. You are responsible for providing access to PUD equipment for installation/removal and maintenance of its property. Failure to provide access can result in fines and/or disconnection of service.

Examples of common access issues:

Gates- If you have a gate with a code or a lock on it please contact the PUD to arrange access for our service workers.

Meters or other equipment inside buildings- As with gates, please contact us to arrange access if necessary.

Dogs- Because of the increasing number of protective dogs, PUD personnel sometimes have trouble accessing PUD equipment. A dog’s natural instinct to protect the customer’s property poses a problem if a PUD employee feels personally threatened. PUD employees protect themselves from aggressive animals with tools such as (but not limited to) dog bones, umbrellas, dog sticks, and even pepper spray. Dog owners can help alleviate the problem by contacting the PUD to notify us of the dog's presence. This will help us attempt to contact you prior to access if possible. Please also keep dogs away from PUD meters and other equipment if possible.

We appreciate your help with making our visit to your property quick and safe by maintaining easy access to your meter and other equipment.