Low-Income Program

In compliance with RCW 19.405.120, the Kittitas PUD Board of Commissioners has established a low-income energy assistance discount for residential services. Customers who have applied for and received a Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program award in the current program year qualify for this assistance program.

The current discount is a monthly bill credit of $1 per service. To begin receiving this discount, please complete and return the Low-Income Program application (PDF). This application is designed to gather information to help Kittitas PUD identify our customers’ need for energy assistance, as well as to collect the required data we must report to the State of Washington regarding the program.

Once your Low-Income Program application is received and approved, the discount will be in effect for the next billing statement. Your certification is effective until December 31st of the calendar year following approval. You will receive notification when your certification is expiring and will be asked to reapply under the current program terms to continue receiving the benefits of the program.

We encourage you to apply for this discount, although we understand that $1 per month does not significantly reduce your household’s energy burden. It is important that we have qualifying customers begin to take advantage of the program so that we can identify the true needs of our customer base for assistance in home energy costs.