AMI Opt-Out Program

Kittitas PUD and several scientific agencies firmly believe that AMI meters are safe and harmless to our customers. However, the District understands that some customers may have differing opinions. Because of this, the District generously offers this opt-out program for those who wish to apply. Qualifying customers are eligible to apply for the opt-out program during the enrollment period, estimated to start October 1, 2023, and run through March 31, 2024, or until the customer meter is changed to AMI meter. The District will offer a discount on the application fee if the customer request is received and discounted application fee paid prior to March 31, 2024. After this date, the full application fee will be applied to all future applications. The application fee is waived for existing AMR opt-out program participants.

Application Process

To apply for the AMI Opt-Out Program, please read the full documentation to ensure that you are eligible and meet all requirements. You are able to apply online, or in person at our main office. 

Opt-Out Program Documentation

Opt-Out Application


  • Only customers with existing single-family residential non-CT and non-Net electric services will be eligible to apply.  
  • The billing account must be current with no delinquency in the past 12 months. Any future delinquencies will result in removal from the opt-out program.  
  • A customer will be ineligible for the opt-out program if any fraudulent activity, equipment tampering or documented threats to District staff have occurred, past or present.   
  • Customers requesting approval of the opt-out program must be the landowner or obtain approval from the landowner.  
  • Customer must provide access to the meter with proper notice to remain eligible. A PUD representative will be dispatched to validate the customer reported meter reads at a minimum of once annually. 

Customer Requirements

  • An opt-out program application fee will be charged to offset the costs of additional metering costs, meter installation and billing setup. The application fee is refundable if denied participation in the opt-out program.  
  • Customers must provide a validated monthly meter reading on the first business day of each month. Failure to comply will result in the District dispatching a representative to obtain the meter reading and will incur an additional fee. Continued failure to provide meter readings will result in program termination.  
  • Monthly fees will be assessed following customer meter change.  
  • For opt-out customers with multiple electric meters, fees will be assessed per approved meter.  
  • Fees related to the opt-out program will be evaluated and updated periodically. Fees are subject to change.   

See link above for full details of the Opt-Out Program